Utilizing applications within QuickBooks Online

Using apps in QuickBooks Online (QBO) comes with numerous benefits and a few risks. On the positive side, apps enhance QBO’s functionality, providing a comprehensive solution for various business aspects. With over 700 seamlessly integrated apps in the QuickBooks Apps Center, you can efficiently manage tasks such as inventory, online payments, bill payments, and eCommerce transactions. The featured companies undergo a thorough vetting process by Intuit, ensuring their apps simplify tasks, streamline data entry, and sync effectively with QuickBooks.

However, there are potential downsides. Firstly, the apps aren’t free, and their fees are additional to the monthly QBO subscription. It’s essential to conduct a cost/benefit analysis to assess if the extra expense is justifiable. Secondly, using apps requires granting permission for your QBO data to be shared with the app provider. Despite this, data security is a priority for Intuit-approved partners.

To aid users, the app store categorizes apps by functionality, providing customer reviews, short video demonstrations, and customer service information. This overview guides users on navigating the Apps Center, finding relevant apps for their business needs, and connecting them to QuickBooks Online.

The App Center layout is straightforward, allowing easy app search, access to your added apps, and recommendations based on your business type.

Simply click “Apps” on the left menu bar to explore the App Center.

To begin searching, click on the “Find apps” tab next to the Overview tab, or click the “Find apps” button.

The QuickBooks App Center has three main features. First, you can use the search option if you know the app’s name. Second, you can browse categories like Get customers or Manage sales for easier navigation. Lastly, there’s a section for free apps built by QuickBooks.