Adding Customers to QuickBooks Online Manually

To add new customers to QuickBooks Online (QBO), gather essential contact details such as company name, billing address, business telephone number, and the primary contact’s first and last name. Additionally, determine the payment terms you’ll offer, like net 30 or net 60 days. Follow specific steps in QBO to seamlessly add a new customer.

Go to the Customers section by choosing Sales in the left menu bar, followed by selecting Customers.

if you’ve already added customers to QuickBooks before, you won’t see the “Add customer manually” button.

When adding a new customer, there are five key areas that need to be completed: name and contact, addresses, notes and attachments, payments, and additional information.

In the Name and contact section, you can input various information about customers. While only the Customer display name is mandatory, it’s recommended to provide additional details. For individuals, enter first and last names; for businesses, use the Company name field. The Customer display name auto-populates from the entered info and is crucial for the customer list. Include the business email, phone numbers, and other contact details. The Name to print on checks field mirrors the display name and is useful for issuing correct payments. The Is a sub-customer option helps track income and expenses separately for different jobs or projects under the same customer.